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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  March 20, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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with our reengineered deck to mow faster better. to find out more about the accel deep mower deck, go to >> i'll be back tomorrow morning on the fox business network. >> on the buzz beater, donald trump rolling toward the nomination after another super tuesday. the pundits are obsessing on delegate mass and whether that could stop him. >> you do not by the contested convention where you go to a second ballot, a third battle and settling the person who brings the party together is one of those two? >> it is insane. >> do you deny the nomination to donald trump? that is a very difficult case to make. >> i don't think trump will have enough to give in the nomination. >> more than 60% of republicans do not want him their nominee. that is the math. i don't see how he overcomes that with less than the needed
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delegates. >> to contested convention a journalists' fantasy? >> donald trump fresh off major victories warning of riots if the republicans try to stop him at a contested convention. >> while he is riding high, why is he picking personal fights with journalists? marco rubio drops out. what was it like dealing with reporters during the flame snout we will ask the husband and wife press team. a huge week for hillary clinton with news organizations ignoring bernie sanders? are liberal pundits ripping her as a flawed candidate who could lose to trump. >> president obama picks merrick garland as the supreme court nominee but the g.o.p. said no way no how. >> we chased down the republican leaders refuse to hold hearings or a vote including o hatch who once praised cigar land. >> you said before he belonged on the court. >> i did not say he belong on the supreme court i said he belonged on the d.c. circuit
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court. >> is the coverage painting the republicans as obstructionists? >> a jury is giving $115 million verdict for a hulk hogan sex tape. this is "media buzz" and i am howard kurtz. >> trump won florida, knocking rub out of the race but during his speech he challenged a pundit and then said this. >> lies. deseat. viciousness. disgusting reporter. horrible. some are nice. some are nice. some are disgusting people back there. >> trump used a word that said the disgusting people of the
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press to their battle stations. >> if we are 100 short and we are at 1,100 and someone sells at 500 or 400 because we are way ahead of everyone...i don't think you can say we don't get it automatically. it would be, i think you would have riots. riots. >> that is all it took, riots. >> it must be good knowing the people are there willing to fight for you even if you shoot someone on fifth avenue singing lawlessness offhand in response to a lawful but unpopular event is not very presidential. >> you don't give me the nomination, forget the majority if i am the front runner give it to me or, it sounds like he would encourage the riots. >> one thing for others to predict violence or riots in a politician's campaign but another for the candidate himself to promise/threaten that and then not condemn that as a possibility. >> joining to us analyze the
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coverage, is heidi przbyla senior political corporate for "usa today". and gayle trotter commentator who redskins for the daily caller and joe trippi democratic strategist and fox news contributor. i was surprised the media and the riot comments, saying there will be riots and i thought it was hyperbole but say say he was threatening violence. >> i thought, without, it is terrible because i did not see the actual comments until i read them and i had said something similar if the race ended, if it were that close and trump had just below the number needed to debt the delegates and the republicans came in and put in another candidate there would be mutiny and chaos and cruz used the words but when trump said it dug a week there was violence going on at his rallies and he is in the spotlight for
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encouraging violence at the rallies, it took on a life its own. >> what do you think? it comes against the backdrop of many in the conservative media pushing the endless scenarios about what could, should, might happen in cleveland because there is a "never trump," camp. >> you might remember president obama in twine sat down with american c.e.o.'s and said his administration was the only thing between him and the pitch fork. this is nothing new in politics but the conservative media, the far left and the far right are trying to "anyone by trump," they are out there. >> is donald trump is deneed the nomination, what --. >> i will say it clearly, if they do this, it will blow up
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the party. now, i wasn't talking about violence. >> you were talking about tnt. our yes, tnt. it is a huge mistake. look, regardless of the language he used, he spoke the truth. this is something about trump, he speaks something that his followers believe is true and that most of us believe is true which is if they do this, there will be chaos and disruption and a last anger. and the media responds by saying, my gosh, how could he say that. that reinforces him with his supporters and actually encouraged his strength in oncoming primaries. >> there seems to be a deep split between those who say donald trump has it wrap up and those who say three could be stopped at convention. >> first, no one has seen -- a lot of us, not all of us, have seen a contested convention
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before. there is not a lot of direction here. >> the reporters are dying for this to be a knock down drag out, four days that really matter. >> but there is overcompensation going on. what you have is the 8:00 up any of the on the right and left who have been very harsh on trump and you have the herd. the herd was wrong everyone writing him off. >> not everyone. most everyone. wrote imoff and was skeptical and here we are today, flash forward and there is overcompensation to say you cannot deny him what is rightfully his because he has done so well and exceed our expectation. >> i want the sound bait and you can respond, speaking of the media coverage, here is ted cruz complaining about the extent to which day after day after day donald trump seems to soak up most of the media attention. let's listen. >> donald trump practically goes to the bathroom and it is carried live on network
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television. every speech he gives, he does a press conference that is like watching the shopping channel selling steaks and steak knives and wine. the media desperately want him to be the nominee. >> he wants donald trump to be the nominee, do you think? >> if ted cruz said thing that were interest, that everyone wants to hear he would be on more. trump said things that people find interesting. that is part of the problem. the other candidates have not been able to do that. >> holy cow this is a man bites dog story. trump, who is not a conventional candidate, it is a game. he said things a conventional candidate would never say, the press goes wild. and then we have the ability of donald trump to turn this negative media to his advantage. >> and ted cruz said the reason
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the media want donald trump to be the nominee is they can turn on him and he would be weak against hillary clinton and senator cruz said with me all journalists are partisan democrats and i don't agree with that but it is his argument. all the media leans that way. >> i will not argue that but the idea we are orchestrating this so that trump would be the weak of the nominee and he who wins, there is a lot more to why he --. >> it is a proliferation in the media i cannot believe the american people are that gullible to believe that somehow we are this monolith going from a few news organizations to news organizes like judge on the right and huffington post on the left. >> has there an nominee potential as hammered and dispushed off by the media as donald trump? >> no. >> that is quaint. not media had the power to
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decide things, donald trump would not be the front runner. >> bizarre thing is the negative media attention which trump has gotten along with positives, actually helps him in my view. >> we saw trump on tuesday night talk about disgusting media picture but recently, he has renewed his war on fox news anchor megyn kelly tweeting that she is crazy, megyn kelly, that she is sick, that her show is unfair and no one should watch the show and calling for a boycott and it prompt add very strong statement from fox news on friday night. part of it said "trump's attacks against megyn kelly and his extreme obsession with her is beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate. she is exemplary and a ling anchor in america and it is deplorable to be abused for just doing her job." >> what do you make of this? >> let me say that in my
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position i am a young woman in this industry who is watching megyn kelly and women like her and are inspire by her success so to that extent it has been upsetting and that is why i was motivated to get to the bottom of this. what did megyn skelly do to invite this latest storm of criticism? i went back and looked and what i found, check it out people, the tweeting started before megyn kelly even went on the air the election night saying motionen kelly is on the air, change the time. so, this is part of a pattern of donald trump going off the handle because he which arely continued to watch and sent out the tweets using loaded words like "sick," and "crazy." and the fact of the matter is that megyn kelly was giving the same kind of coverage of those election results, mostly positive, her male counterparts were on every other network but there was not that kind of response. >> if donald trump wants to say there is journalist buyy or unfair, that is fine,
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politicians can do that, journalists are not immune from criticism but wore like "sick," and "crazy," are over-the-top. >> it is extreme language he is using but listening to the back and forth between donald trump and megyn kelly seems like a duet of "you're so vein," because he said you are average, and she responds "i'm doing fine without you," so she has been good for the last eight months to not respond to his attacks and fox news coming out and making this statement kind of feeds into his victimization complex and fox news, the top people would be better served fought to get interest it and let her hand tell it. >> she is pushing into new frontiers here and this kind of we -- this situation is -- she is maintaining her
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professionalism. law is a brief truce and donald trump told me and reporters she was fair but this does seem to flare-up and i asked him, are you on setting too much about what cable said and high does not thing so, but he looks as it at setting the record straight. does it hurt donald trump with women? >> absolutely, he has a huge gender gap the running strong with white men but has a remember with support among republican women and going after megyn kelly doesn't help him. the only explanation i have is he viewed himself as a ratings bonanza for the network and that is why the coverage of debates has been so high in his mine. in fact, i think that is true. he wents to punish megyn kelly by trying to drive her rate, lower. but it is not working and it does doing him --.
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>> whatever shows he appears on it increases the ratings and megyn kelly has the second highest rateed show on cable news. now we have to take a break, are the media estimating one way on the battle over supreme court nominee of president obama? and covering the truck rallies and why a reporter is running scared. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep.
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>> fighting broke out at a donald trump rally in tuscon with audience members pulling and kicking an anti-trump protester. take a look. >> police led the protester and the african-american man who
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attacked him out of the arena. >> we have ashley parker coopts for "new york times" would has covered a number of the trump rallies. you write a piece saying you first felt unsafe at a trump event a couple of weeks ago in new orleans. was it unnerving? >> just covering trump is not like covering a typical politician. it is a rally that the energy bill very tense from the beginning. there was an almost constant stream of protesters mannered out and fighting with the crowd and the crowd was turning on them. you see protesters at other events but not at that level or intensity. it was striking. >> was it unnerving for you personally? >> it was. a little. as a reporter you are trying to figure out, where do i want to be when this breaks out and how will we cover this and what is the best position. >> you warned your editors that someone is going to be seriously hurt at a rally. or worse. should you have written that
2:19 pm
story? could you have? >> we, before chicago, we did write a version of that story where we talked about the role of the protesters at donald trump rallies and the increasing intensity and what it is like to be a protesters and what it is like to be a member of the crowd. we did not know that chicago was going to happen but we saw things headed that way. >> after the chicago event with the violence breaking out and with the cancellation of the rally you wrote a piece saying that at times both sides have behaved badly but trump supporters have been fearous and protesters have instigated the clashes. >> what you see, to be clear, there are plenty of protesters standing peacefully and silent, and they are hauled out and pushed and shoved but you see protesters getting carried out and shouting and flicking off
2:20 pm
the crowd. it is like a pit with continues high on bottle sides. that is where you see the clashes and skirmishes. >> but the protesters that are organized go there with the purpose of shouting him down or getting the rally canceled or being disruptive? >> sure. we saw in the beginning protesters and then they realized the way they could reclaim their voice which is something you hear them speak about is to come to the events and interrupt them and force them to step speak or in the case of chicago to shut it down. that is their form of social protest. >> a lot of the coverage has focused on donald trump in his words and i want to underscore the point that some people go there for the express purpose of disrupting. i am watching television on friday in utah a trump rally and i thought, there are all the television cameras and maybe, do we different protesters too everyone media attention or the fact this is now a thing, a
2:21 pm
step, it could encourage some people to go and: disrupt it and get on decision. >> sure, what you are seeing is both from the side of the privateers would know if they go and disrupt they will get attention but from the side of donald trump protesters have become part of the rallies, the we talking about making america great again is part of his rallies and sometimes if this are protesters they say, where are the protesters? did we have a disruptor and he egged them on as part of the showmanship. he likes them in a way. ait adds to the excitement. >> it attracts more television camera. >> thank you for stopping by. >> rebound in cuba today and why so little advance coverage of such a controversial trip? how the media cover candidates who despise each other but suddenly proclaim their mutual admiration? that means it is time for endorsement.
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fi >> first the candidates savage each other and then they hug each other. is it business as usual? so what if they hate each other? >> i don't act surprised that graham came out for cruz i have never seen two words used so much together as cruz and detest. and graham's...bizarre marriage, now, with ted cruz. i think that in some ways it was awkward to watch because a couple of weeks ago chris christie and the last debate said a vote for trump is a vote for hillary clinton. >> graham had to bend over backward in backing ted cruz after invoking a violent fantasy about his senate colleague. aif you kill ted cruz on the floor of the senate and the
2:26 pm
trial was in the senate no one would convict you. >> he was deadly on the two going front runners. >> if you are a republican and charged with donald trump and ted cruz it is the difference between poison or shot, you are still dead. >> chris christie spent part of his campaign trashing trump. >> i don't think he is suited to be past the united states. >> why? >> i don't thing his temper temperament or experience. >> only to look awkward and then sounding defensive. >> no, i was not being held hostage, no i was not sitting up there thinking, what have i done? >> ben carson is also becoming trump despite the billionaire likening him to a child molester? >> he said that he is pathological and he has pathological disease. >> the doctor has not frame the endorsement with surgical precision, as if there are two donald trumps including the off
2:27 pm
stage spree really one. >> even if he town out to be not a great president, but i think he will surround himself, look ing at only four years opposed to multiple generations. >> "only four years," and the question that stumped rick santorum after he backed marco rubio. >> he has been in the senate for four years, can you name his accomplishment? >> if you look at being in the minority in the united states senate in a year when nothing got done, four years nothing got done it is hard to name the accomplishment. >> and now, the gus over endorsements do not matter much and the coverage said just smile and support the winner as you take the knife out of the their back, because he could give. >> john. >> some liberal commentators are doubting whether hillary clinton can beat donald trump.
2:28 pm
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i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> hillary clinton rolling to the nomination and some are very exciteed. ♪ that was hillary clinton on "broad difficult," but if real life many criticize the former first lady and skeptical of chances against donald trump. we are back with the panel. winning the five states and piling up the delegate lead will the press cut back on coverage? all the bus loads and this were bus loads of reporters following him around, probably go away, yes. >> in a minivan?
2:32 pm
>> they will cover him because he will play an important role in unifying the party as she rolls closer and closer to the nomination. there are rough exchanges between the two and he is not a democrat. he feels less loyal to do what the party will expect him to do to bring his people over. they will continue to cover him significantly from that. >> and he said he wanted to run as a democrat because he would get more media coverage. and even president obama according to the "new york times" privately telling donors it is time to unite between hillary clinton. >> the white house wanted it out and i disagree with high difficult i think they will go back on the coverage of bernie sanders and i think that in this case it is clear that hillary clinton has been supported by the media and president obama has been closer with hillary clinton than with bernie. >> the socketed point is true but saying she is supported by
2:33 pm
the media what about the thousands of stories of the e-mail and honesty. >> the "washington post" had a step on the e-mails two weeks ago putting forth the defense of the mail scandal. the media, the left media is in the tank for her and they will ease back on the coverage of bernie sanders. >> hillary clinton could disagree but let me spin this question. liberal pundits, some of them, not excited, "time" magazine with joe klein writing "she is our very own kal. sam had, nutritious but bland." >> what is fascinating to me is how the press were sparring for a fight on both sides. they gave bernie tremendous o general including calling his win in michigan a historic upset which it wasn't. we new have a problem with all
2:34 pm
of the candidates being flawed. all have flaws. hers have been out there for the world to look at for a long-term. again, trump has his flaws, so does cruz. >> you are not surprised some commentators on your side, the liberal side, are saying, gee, she could lose this? >> not at all. i don't want trump -- everyone is underestimated him the entire time on the republican side. why would the democratic party underestimate him? that is where the coverage is going to go. the coverage is going to be increasingly donald trump and hillary clinton and not trump-sanders. >> president obama in cuba, first time in 88 years for a sitting president and i wait dead see the advance stories about the very controversial policy and this historic trip and there has been nothing overshadowed by the campaign. is the media moved on, on cuba?
2:35 pm
>> i don't know if it is cuba or a combination. there is a last interest and criticism but it is more a function of lame duck and overcoverage of the -- having two contested primary battle on the republican and d side. it is a function of resources. >> cou be that many journalists agree after 50-year boycott it was time to recognize the was industry regime and they do not think it is controversial? the press privately agrees with the obama administration policy. you do not see the report of the human rights violation in cuba but you can compare it to the iran tell, a lot more coverage of iran tell and it is a very similar strategy in foreign policy that president obama has with regard to cuba. but there is a lot more coverage of the iran deal in the human rights violation from the 2009 green revelation. >> the politics of the day are
2:36 pm
what drives coverage. there just is not that much controversy on the political side. >> is that because one poll, 51% support the president and 55% support diplomatic relations with key behalf. >> you do not see relations using that as a wedge issue as in the past. i am not saying it isn't one but it is not so intense and there is if reason for the press to cover it. >> when we could do another story about donald trump, right? that is the obsessed story of day. president obama will be interviewed cuba by david muir so they have lined up the media coverage. great to see you on this sunday. >> president obama tries to pressure the senate into voting by picking merrick garland to the supreme court. does the coverage reflect the hypocrisy on both sides? with the hulk hogan legal
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2:41 pm
sides of the political aisle over the years who in a normal time would be confirmed. it is not a normal time. that is a political gamble, republican what want to appear strong but not obstructionist which could backfire to the benefit of democrats. >> in new york, tamara holder an attorney who hosts fox show sports court and fox news contributor. and guy benson, from townhall in washington a fox news contributor. guy, does the coverage have president obama picking a merchandise ran, a guy who prosecuted the oklahoma city bombing case, but republicans will not let him get anywhere. >> what strikes me most abut the coverage of the story is how muted it is compared to what it normally would be in a political cycle. if any presidential can payment france but for this, a supreme court vacancy and an appointment by the president by a lame duck president or whoever would be a blockbuster, it would dominate but it is a second or third
2:42 pm
level story because of the trump factor and, also, the timing of the ncaa tournament, americans are not tuning into this. >> blown up by march madness. tamara do you see this tone in the coverage? democrats and republicans are both hypocritical and they have changed their positions depend on which party criminals the white house. >> i want to point out to guy's position that this is muted, it is far from muted. what is going on here if you compare the bork nomination july 1 of 1963, the coverage was all about bork and whether he was too far right. his position on abortion his position open wart gate, and now what we seeing with the media is strictly a political issue, a political tug of war and everyone is fighting over the football and you have the broncos and the patriots and do you not realize the football is deflated. it is unfortunate because the words of the media are "war,"
2:43 pm
"battle," and this is fought a political issue. the constitution specifically said the presidential nominate and the senate will confirm it is not about going to war. i don't see second amendment issues. >> the constitution said that senate has the advice and concept roam which can include under the constitution refraining or declining to confirm the nominee and to withhold that condition superintendent but that is the mill angle. you misunderstood my point on muted cox i am not saying the language is not punched up, of course it does. it is sensationalized media but i argue that compared to what this story would be from a political standpoint the degree to which it would be covered as a bomb shoal story is less than otherwise it mighten. >> tamara, let me ask you would the coverage look very different if republicans waited, merrick garland was nominated and they came out with whatever they don't like about his record,
2:44 pm
second amendment, opposed to contra to to mcconnell declaring that anyone would get a hearing. in advance. >> the bleed has been derelict if their duty on both sides. you have npr a few hours ago covering it as what grassley, a phone call to supporters was that because the senate, the republicans won the senate, now obama doesn't have any rights, forget we have a president. instead of the media covering it, as an issue as to what it is, they are covering this political war of the --. >> let me read a news story senate democrats are preparing a national pressure campaign over the republican's stubborn opposition to merrick garland being nominated to the supreme court. any thoughts?
2:45 pm
again, this question i raise where we have video taped comments from republicans in the past saying there should be a vote when a republican is in the white house, and the democrats saying there should not be a vote. law is partisanship on both sides. it is the ultimate partisan pilot were it would a different tone with a republican in office. >> what is the hackery on the left? i don't understand, with all due respect, what the hackery on the left is that we have a sitting president would nominated and did his job. >> i appreciate --. >> a guy on the people who has been reported by people on the right. >> on the left the hackery is joe biden making every point they are making back in 1992 and schumer, harry reid doing the same during the bush administration, and president obama in the senate, filibustering alito, plenty of double standards. >> and mcconnell the same
2:46 pm
thing the. >> whatever happened in the past that is like you want me to blame public for this. i not go there. this is an issue not about 1992 and biden but an issue about the fact we have a president and i don't particularly care if he is a president who is republican or democrat, but he is a sitting president and he has the job to appoint or nominate someone for the supreme court who both sites previously liked. your question was, the media should cover it. >> are you disappointed in the media coverage of the supreme court nomination? >> me disappointed? i always disappoint. >> it is a typical walk issue only debated when it looks like the republicans are are not budging. >> alex and caitlin conant
2:47 pm
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>> the final weeks of marco rubio campaign, his press team faced the tack of rebutting rhymers. >> in florida there is only one candidate that can beat donald trump and that is marco rubio. >> marco rubio was believing that and donald trump picked up the pace after the past weekend. how do you reason that? the truth is the polls have been all over the place. >> join us are alex conant and his wife, kaitlyn -- kaitlyn --
2:51 pm
caitlin. >> it was very, very fun working with the press we have a good relationship with the media and obviously we are in the media relations business so it is always a give-and-take but it was very hard. all the question is, why is he doing badly? are you concerned about the palms? will he drop out? >> it was difficult. part of my job is to make sure we had our continue sure gets to talk about substance and senator gardner was a trooper and he was this in michigan after one of the debates and he kept getting asked, what is it if trump is the nominee, and asked that, seven times, it was heart to break above it and stay optimistic but we worked for marco and we believe in him. >> in doubting that. >> you had to deflect if he lost florida you had to know if he
2:52 pm
lost florida he would be toast. >> to be honest, marco made that decision and in the hours leading up to the polls closing. we honestly believed there was a shot we who wined if, obviously it did not welcome out, it was a very strange year and to be honest, the negative drumbeat in the media was damaging to the campaign especially after the super tuesday loss and automatic everyone heard was how marco rubio was losing and the trump force. >> do you think the negative drum beat was up fair? overplayed? after all, it we began when your campaign was hitting rough patches and there was bad news. >> what was unfair was that donald trump got tents time as much media as the rest of the candidates come bained. the day of the florida primary there was a report there was $2 billion of free media surrounding donald trump's campaign more then any other campaign in history and we are not in the general election so
2:53 pm
that...the media has to look at that. >> until the end the rivals believed that the senator rubio on cover of "time" magazine, the republican savior, was a media darling and getting a last positive press. >> but the questions were about donald trump we did a ton of national tv but it turned into an advertisement for trump by the was frustrating. by the end we do regional satellite tours and there the hole press, regional press, trump, trump, trump. marco obviously is an excellent company indicator and he did his best to stay above the fray. >> speaking of trump i know there was plenty to rebut this was an internal debate what he should drop out you had to defend your boss, marco rubio beginning through the isn'ting donald trump over small hands, et cetera, and he admitted it was a mistake.
2:54 pm
>> look, you mention i had to go to cnn, cnn found their missing airplane with donald trump, he was the equivalent of a missing airplane for cnn ratings and that is all they talked about. in order to break into the coverage marco was engaging in ways he regretted. >> you work around the clock sometimes traveling together, strain on the marriage? >> so much fun we have continue this before, we have worked for several others together in different roles but some think it is crazy we do this together but we think it would be crazy not to because we pour everything into the jobs, we both believe in marco a lot. >> there the sound bait. thanks alex and caitlyn, thanks for coming in. >> what happens with hulk hogan 's legal victory and that type of journalist could end.
2:55 pm
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>> nbc and msnbc confirmed that stehpanie cutter has been fired as an analyst but there was a big fat conflict the white house announced she would be appointed to officials working to confirm supreme court nominee merrick garland a major story for nbc to cover. the soviet work told the "washington post" that cutter would now be on as a "gift," not a paid analyst. the only decision possible. ait was to be sure sal lake berryessa, hulk hogan suing a gawker for have sex his friend's wife and ended with $115 million verdict against gawker. sure, it was hard to feel sorry for hulk who talked up this with howard discern and others but the trial did turn on down--
2:59 pm
journalistic standards. it was cringe knowledge worthy when they said this was constitution eel protected speech because it was a celebrity having sex and that gawker would draw the line at a four-year-old having sex. was this news or exploiting an embarrassing a famous person just for the sake of click? gawk are said key evidence was excluded but if they are upheld it could put the site out business and redine what is acceptable if online journalism. we will toen to follow the story. that is it for "media buzz" and i am howard kurtz thank you for watching. we hope you lived our facebook page we post a last original content and respond to your
3:00 pm
e-mails. nice to you have along and we can continue the conversation on twitter. we will see you on sunday at 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. >> i am chris wallace. europe's move wanted man is captured alive. what will they tell authorities about isis plots again the west? we will have a report from europe and ask white house chief of staff what the arrest means for the united states war on terror. >> then, the show down over the president's supreme court nominee. >> i have fulfilled my constitutional duty. now it is time for the senate to do theirs. >> this nominee is not considered. >> senate majority leader said judge america summer will not get a hearing or a vote. but the white house argues that the senate should do its job not wait physical after the


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